Real Estate and Financial Services Professionals

Real Estate and Financial Services Professionals

As your clients age and they start facing a variety of life challenges,  the family home becomes a frequent topic of conversation for them.

Older clients thoughts and concerns

  • We would like to live at home as long as possible.
  • It would be great if we could reduce our housing expenses.
  • We need to free up some real estate equity to enjoy our retirement.
  • Can my parents afford a retirement community?

As Realtors you are faced with client questions that only they can answer

  • We want to move but we don't know where.
  • We think a bungalow would be good, but maybe a town house? On the other hand a condominium would be ok.
  • We are having difficulty dealing with housing issues facing aging parents or grand parents.

Sometime Realtors ask, Is it worth dealing with older clients?

  • I know there are trillions of dollars in real estate equity in the 60 plus housing market, but older clients take so much time and they rarely make decisions.
  • How do I differentiate myself from other realtors.
  • Adult children want “their” realtor to help their parents.

Like Realtors, Financial Advisors are faced with recurring client conversations and life scenarios

  • Older clients eroding capital trying maintain the family home.
  • Clients looking to free up real estate equity to enhance their lifestyle but unable to make a housing decision.
  • Adult children starting to advise parents, children want to move parent’s portfolio to "their” advisor.

Are there business opportunities if I understand a clients housing issues?

  • Every year in your community billions of dollars in real estate equity is liquidated and the proceeds invested. The question is how do I work with these clients?
  • Understanding shelter issues will differentiate you from other advisors?
  • Client retention increases when you can help solve challenging family issues.

The problem is not with your expertise as a realtor or financial advisor, the challenges is with your clients!

Housing- TLC offers a series of 30 – 45 minutes client lectures that can help them through the buying process

Lectures available 

Where do I/we go from here?

An informative light hearted look at making a later life move buying decision

Financial impact of a later life move

How much should we spend on our next home?

How much equity should we take out of our property?

What do we do with the stuff?

Handy tips of getting rid of stuff

Preparing the house for sale?

General tips on preparing a house to sell

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