Not for Profit Groups, Clubs, Associations

Not for Profit Groups, Clubs, Associations

Many community groups are facing membership, financial and building challenges. Whether you are a Legion, Masonic Lodge, Rotary club or one of the many other fine service organizations the need for a detailed Real Estate Plan is paramount. 

  • Is your associations memberships declining?
  • Is your group facing mounting expenses and decreasing revenues?
  • Is your building meeting your current needs?
  • Is building accessibility becoming an issue?

When clubs and associations are facing challenges, they often look at the viability of their land and building.

Questions such as

  • Should we sell? 
  • Should we amalgamate with another group?
  • Develop the property? 
  • Rent out part of the property?
  • Lock the doors and run!

Who Should We Call to Answer Our Questions?


A realtor sells property – "We are not ready to sell"

Maybe we need an architect?

An architect can design building options – "What are our options?"

Maybe a planner?

A planner can help with the city and zoning-  "we don’t know what we want to do"

Maybe a builder?

A builder can do the construction  - Do we want to build something? Can we afford to build?

At Housing – TLC we know nothing moves forward without a step by step plan. Our Real Estate Planning program provides a 360 degree look at all of your property options and then maps out a strategy on how to implement your new plan. 

Whether your group is looking at creating housing on the site, examining ways to free up real estate equity or exploring ways to provide an ongoing revenue source a real estate plan is an essential starting point.

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