55+ Homeowners

55+ Homeowners

As life situations change many homeowners ask the question

                              “Where do we go from here?” 

This question can consume countless hours, months and even years. 

Before you ask “Where do we go from here” you have to know 

                             “Why do you want to leave?”

Common life situations

Traditional retirement or having been “packaged off” from your long-term career?

• Having to assist an aging parent or grandparent?

• Need to minimize housing expenses?

• Would like to free up some equity from “family home”

Where do we start?

At Housing – TLC we know nothing moves forward without a step by step plan. Our Real Estate Planning program provides a 360 degree look at all of your housing options and then maps out a strategy on how to implement your new plan. Whether you are downsizing, up-sizing, freeing up equity, minimizing expenses or helping a loved one find a safe secure place to live you need to create your own plan. 

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