Should we stay or sell? Relocate? Amalgamate? Renovate?Develop? Do any of these questions sound familiar?

At Housing – TLC we assist you or your organization in analyzing your current property situation, present all possible property options and help you select and implement the option that meets your vision for the future Planning is bringing the future into the present so you can do something about it

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Housing - TLC works with faith, not for profit groups, individuals whose real estate needs are impacted by changing demographic and social trends. We analyze our client’s current challenges and help them define a new direction by creating and implementing real estate plans that allows them to achieve their vision for the future

Michael Wright is a Principal at Housing – TLC a company that focuses on demographic and social trends that impact the real estate needs of individuals, faith groups, for profit and not for profit organizations.

For over 40 years Michael has gain valuable insights and knowledge through his progressive career in real estate sales, building and development, financial services and full-time consulting.

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Case Studies/Challenges

Let's examine a few case studies and common challenges our clients have encountered

Aging in (the right) place
Housing expenses
Over Downsizing
Sample church property plan
Mortgaging the future

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Common frequently asked questions

Q: We are building a new church, do you create plans for new builds?

A: Yes, one of the most important areas to consider in a new build is sustainability. Can congregational offerings support a new building and ministry? Housing - TLC examines various options in generating alternative revenue streams from the property to ensure ongoing sustainability.

Q: Is Housing TLC a real estate company?

A: We are not a real estate company, we are an independent consulting firm that assists individuals, groups or professional service providers in creating real estate plans for the future. If additional professionals are required such as a Realtor to implement a real estate plan we can help you select the appropriate professional.

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